The SBS Group employs people within:

  • Product development
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • Production technology and maintenance
  • Logistics
  • International sales and marketing
  • Finance
  • Management etc.

Irrespective of your job at SBS, you can expect a hectic working day in an informal, open working environment. Chains of command are short and decisions are rapidly followed by action. 

We delegate responsibilities and prioritize inter-organizational collaboration both in terms of solving tasks, optimizing workflows and improving everyday life in the workplace. 

SBS Group operates on a global basis. Therefore it is important that our employees think and act internationally, and understand and respect other cultures. Other focus areas are Lean, digitisation, and collaboration. 

Besides professional skills, we focus at 

  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Team spirit

For several years, SBS has taken part in projects whose aim is to give a new chance to people who have found it difficult to gain a foothold on the labour market on normal terms. This has resulted in a number of flexible conditions of employment and re-entry jobs that in many cases have led to permanent employment on normal terms. In this connection, we collaborate closely with municipalities, employment services, trade unions and other related services.